28 June 2011

Dj Werd - The End Of Western Civilzation (A Return To Mother Earth)

Originally from San Jose California, Dj Werd was a member Bay Area Hip-Hop Coalition and hosted a radio show called "Curbside" on KSCU in Santa Clara. Sometime in the late 90's early 2000's Werd relocated to Berlin, Germany.

The End Of Western Civilzation (A Return To Mother Earth) is the 3rd mixtape released by Werd and features a laid back mix of instrumentals and raps. Featuring some very well known artists and others who may show up on your radar for the first time. Werd's first 2 mixtapes; Freehand Recordings part 1 and 2 have been on my want list for some time but have eluded me to this point.

26 June 2011

Murs Vs. Insomniac

Here is the full Murs Vs. Insomniac battle from Dj Gemini's show on KZSU radio in 1996. I don't know to much about this battle, only that Insomniac invited Murs to battle. I think there is shorter version of this floating around that was released as a bonus track on a Murs album.

During the battle Insomniac mentions Murs Battling Lateef and Peace. I have never heard anything about either of these battles, does anyone know if there is any footage floating around.

P-Minus Vs. Kegs - The Golden State

The Golden State is a mixtape released by P-Minus from Truehiphop and Kegs One from BelowTheSurface, Sublevel Epidemic, SoFarWest and the SanMateoZoo. Released in 2003 this mix features rare and unreleased tracks from artists such as: Sach, The Kraken, Eclipse 427, Luke Sick, Insomniac, Awol One, Most Desh, Log Cabin, Bored Stiff and many more.

Since hearing this album for the first time I have been trying to find more information about Sour Porch and track down the Donut Productions album. If anyone has any insight into either of these I would appreciate some info.


1)  P-Minuside: introbot
2)  eclipse-427 - el centro 1996
3)  the kraken - the knock 1996
4)  sour porch (feat. luke sick) - wait awhile 1996?
5)  nitrous ox (feat. math) - one death 1997
6)  awol one (feat. a gang of fools) - aka live from sf 1998
7)  orgasmalude
8)  insomniac & raggedy andy - ?? 1997?
9)  plado - try to read my mind 1997
10)  full deck - speak yourself 1997
11)  outrobot

1)  Kegside: intro - the belief prod. by shane
2)  most desh - microphone enhancer
3)  homeless derelicts - survivin' the game
4)  souls of mischief - girls
5)  what the hell - mule kick
6)  log cabin - ??
7)  bored stiff - ??
8)  mixed practice - ?? 1993
9)  sach - ??
10)  donut productions - hooks

25 June 2011

Ayentee - The Manual Walkman Edition

The Walkman Edition of The Manual was a limited edition cassette only release in 2002. Some of the tracks on the Walkman Edition were not complete and others did not make it onto cd release later that year.