28 June 2011

Dj Werd - The End Of Western Civilzation (A Return To Mother Earth)

Originally from San Jose California, Dj Werd was a member Bay Area Hip-Hop Coalition and hosted a radio show called "Curbside" on KSCU in Santa Clara. Sometime in the late 90's early 2000's Werd relocated to Berlin, Germany.

The End Of Western Civilzation (A Return To Mother Earth) is the 3rd mixtape released by Werd and features a laid back mix of instrumentals and raps. Featuring some very well known artists and others who may show up on your radar for the first time. Werd's first 2 mixtapes; Freehand Recordings part 1 and 2 have been on my want list for some time but have eluded me to this point.


Side 1:
1) Teao - R.E.B Earth
2) Peace & Mikah 9 -Brainwash
3) Dj Krush - On The Dub-ble feat: Dime, Eldon, EpicParadox
4) Purple Penguin - Return
5) Herbaliser - Moon Sequence feat: Parillax, Persia, Ultraman
6) Automator & Kool Keith - A Better Tomorrow (Z-Trip Final Mix 1)
7) Slide Five - KC Doppler feat: Intellect, Jager, Sapient
8) Atmosphere - The Outernet

Side 2:
1) Herbaliser & What What - Let It Go
2) Hive - Moves Within Time feat: Dave Dub
3) Theivery Corporation - DC 3000 feat: Definite Juice, Sundiata
4) Molasses - Meditation feat: Rabb Chillin', Sundiata
5) Visionaries - Revision
6) Da Damn Phreak Noize Phunk - Dazzafact
7) Kruder & Dorfmeister - Deep Shit Part 1 & 2 feat: Defiance, Kaotic Souls
8) Outkast - Da Art Of Storytellin Part 2
9) Teao - Organic Hybrid feat: Dren, Bioplanet


  1. No problem, thanks for all the hardwork on your site

  2. I have promised to ask Werd for this tape on beetbak, what I did and he said that his version isn't that good as the one flying around in the Inet. Thanks for this btw and welcome to the Blog life!

  3. Nice one. I still play this tape.

  4. Does anybody have any Freehand recordings mixtapes? I used to have vol. 2 on CD (not original, but on CD), but I dont have it anymore. Anyway I remember it pretty clearly and it is one of my all time favourite mixtapes. I am from Prague and in late 90s DJ Hype of Phaderhadz used to chill a lot in Prague. Fuckin golden 90s.

    1. Vol 2 can be found here thanks to the good folks at The Mix Tape Unites:


  5. Serously what is the Track 2 its Not mikah and p.e.a.c.e anyone have a idea who the rapper is ...???