4 July 2011

1628 Factor - Not 4 The Money, The Low Cash Chapter

This crew went under my radar for a long time, until I had the pleasure of meeting Rolex at a birthday party in San Mateo sometime in 2001.  I was familiar with most of the crews solo work, just not this album. The next day I picked up a copy at Below The Surface and I have been a fan ever since. 1628 Factor is Spex, Jster, Brewmasta, Marcus R, Rolex and Rundown.


 01 - Not 4 The Cash Intro
02 - Given You A Rundown
03 - Thought Provoking
04 - Factory Assembly Line
05 - Lyrical And Original
06 - Subzero Battle
07 - It Was Never Wrong
08 - Poetic Justice
09 - Rhymes Escape
10 - Life Line Outro
11 - Speak My Piece
12 - Its Reality
13 - Its On You
14 - Recieve A Lesson
15 - How Our Music
16 - Lisen Close
17 - And Thats Why
18 - The Unseen Truth Fact Of The Dollar


  1. WOW!!WOW!!!!!!!
    Excellent stuff!
    Thanks again! Respect guy!!

  2. have you got the Stealth Melters???

  3. Yes I do, i will post it in the next few days. I'm currently working on another Megabusive related post

  4. OK thank you very much!!!

  5. Can you plz plz post some solo stuff of that crew ?
    thx bro !

  6. I have some solo albums from Spex and Rundown that i will rip and post in the next few weeks.

  7. Yo props for keepin my music alive. The factor tapte has traveled around the world...made on cheapest equiptment.
    Theres a new factor cd from 2010. If interested in a free copy email: the1628factor@gmail.com......props