23 July 2011

Megabusive Vs. Top Ramen Battle

I was going through my tapes the other day and I found a tape I received in a trade titled "Megabusive Battles". I know I've listened to this tape plenty of times, but I completely forgot what was on it. After a quick listen I discovered this tape contained the infamous Megabusive Vs. Top Ramen battle that took place in Santa Cruz. I don't know if this is the entire battle, there is some random talking, freestyling and people hanging out before the show. At the start of the tape you can hear Megabusive and a young Joe Dub hanging out with friends quoting their favorite L.A rappers and mimicking their styles. The battle starts around the 19 minute mark and continues for the rest of side 1 and onto side 2. I would love to know what started this battle, where and when it took place and who else was around at the time. 


  1. holllly shyt! I thought "Pause Mix Heaven" was rare… But dammmm this is a hip hop jem!

  2. Is Top Ramen and TopR the same person? I saw one YouTube caption indicating that TopR was once called Top Ramen...however unless his voice got a lot gruffer over the years its hard to believe they are one and the same. Anyway, great battle and thanks for posting!

  3. I have always been under the impression that TopR and Top Ramen are the same person. A quick discogs search indicates that they are the same person.


    I'm glad you liked the battle, thanks for checking the site