19 July 2011

Rundown - 12 Bit Brain

12 Bit Brain is the only full length release from Rundown that I know of. Released in 2001, 12 Bit Brain features production and cuts from rundown and guest appearences from Art Therapy, Luke Sick, Muse, Spex, Kine80, Hanoverfist, Dj Dryhump, and Kzam One. More heat from the 1628 Factor crew.

Side 1:
01 - ID Check
02 - Earth Legend feat: Art Therapy
03 - Rope Burns feat: Luke Sic
04 - Wargames
05 - Thieves Of Time feat: Muse
06 - Vicadin Dream
07 - Progression
08 - Graf's To Blame feat: Art Therapy

Side 2:
01 - The West End feat: Spex
02 - Delayed Break feat: Kine80 and Art Therapy
03 - 3D People feat: Hanoverfist
04 - A Suggestion (Interlude)
05 - Duck Hunt feat: Kzam One
06 - Robot Wars feat: Dj Dryhump
07 - Valley Of The Bulbs Instrumental
08 - Liquid Courage
09 - Rewind feat: Kzam One


  1. THX bro ! much love for that post !

  2. WOW!!WOW!!WOW!!!!!!!
    Incredible!!!!!!!!! Thank you! It is very rare!! and underground!!!
    I wonder where you coud have get this?????
    I like your blog!!!it's great!
    Thanks again! Respect guy!!
    If you got some stuff about hanoverfist, I'm really interested in!!!!

  3. it's crazy!!!!!!!!
    Thanks again! Respect guys!!

  4. Thanks for the positive comments. I got the rundown tape from Shane at Below The Surface in 2003. Unfortunately I don't have anything from hanoverfist

  5. were could i find the instrumentals please

  6. I've never seen instrumentals for this tape. I'm assuming the only way to get them would be to contact Rundown