30 August 2011

Boac - Pause Mix Heaven

Pause Mix Heaven is a mixtape released by Boac in 2000. PMH is a collection of unreleased songs with some prank calls mixed in. The highlite of this tape for me has always been the 2090 remix of 1990 Now Theme Transmission which can also be found on the 12". Please excuse the quality of the rip, the audio levels were all over the place and I did my best to clean it up.

25 August 2011

Sublevel Epidemic Compilation Vol.1

Sublevel Epidemic is an independent hip hop lable from Burlingame California run by former Below The Surface and Sofarwest owner playboy Kegs One. As a lable Sublevel Epidemic released music in every format, but they were most well known for their colorful limited edition 7" releases. The Sublevel Epidemic Compilation is a collection of the 7"'s mixed by Cosiner, featuring tracks from Emanon, Murs, Hip Hop Kclan, Logic, Deeskee, Maleko, Space Ranger, Xololanxinxo, Spex, Omid, The Chain Smokers, Disflex6, Anti Mc, Radioinactive, Mumbles and an exclusive unreleased track from The Dereliks courtasy of Dj Hen Boogie.

This compilation reminds me of one of my favorite record collecting stories, which came during my second trip to San Francisco in 2002. I had been buying the Sublevel 7's when they came out but I missed a few of the early, sought after releases. I tried tracking them down from various sources, I was able to get a test press of the Maleko, Space Ranger and Deeskee - Abnormal Psychology 7" from Deeskee (Thanks again)  but I was still missing a few records. I went to Amoeba Music one night with Kegs and while going through the used 7" boxes, I came up on multiple copies of all the records I was missing. Of course I bought every copy and made sure the extra copies found their way to other people in my position, looking for the records they missed. That trip stands out to me because it's one of the only times I've gone into a record store and found everything I was looking for.

20 August 2011

Bomb Hip-Hop Compilation Vol.3

Here is volume 3 of the Bomb Hip-Hop compilation concert bootlegs. Volume 3 features Akinyele,  Shakey and Razhel, Champ Mc, YoYo and Rob Swift.

The description on the back of the case does not match up with the footage on the dvd, the footage from the Invisible Scratch Pickles and the Solesides Crew appears to have been edited out by the creator of the dvd. I really hope that one day Bomb Hip-Hop will properly release these shows and any old classic material they may have.

17 August 2011

The Kraken - Abstract Cognac

Abstract Cognac is the debut ep from L.A's The Kraken. Comprised of members Pyro, Able-1 and Sirus, the Kraken didn't release a lot of music and that's probably why they didn't get the credit they deserved. As a group the only other release I know of is The Dusty Subliminal Rhymes Ep released on Goodvibe Recordings in 1998. I've heard rumours of some unreleased music floating around the tape trading scene, but i've never been able to track any of it down.


1. Money On My Mind
2. Whispers In The Wind
3. L.A's Story
4. Rise Of The Kraken
5. Tempest
6. The Knock

12 August 2011

Bomb Hip-Hop Compilation Vol. 2

Here is volume 2 of the Bomb Hip-Hop compilation concert bootlegs. Volume 2 features performances from the westcoast Rock Steady Crew B-Boys, Schoolly-D, Supernatural, Yaggfu Front, The Rock Steady Dj's (Mix Master Mike & Q-Bert), Volume 10 and more.

As I mentioned in my previous post about volume 1 of this series, the videos are bootlegs from the UK that someone made of the original VHS tapes and Bomb Hip-Hop had nothing to do with their release.

I'll say it again, I really hope that one day Bomb Hip-Hop will properly release these shows and any old classic material they may have.

6 August 2011

Spex - Dead Forest Chronicles

As requested a few weeks back, the Dead Forest Chronicles album from Spex. Dead Forest Chronicles features guest appearances from other members of the 1628 Factor including Odnet, Brewmaster, Insomniac, Jster, Dj Rundown and Marcus.

Side 1:
1. Smoothly Vanishin' feat: cuts by Odnet
2. Able To Formulate feat: Brewmaster
3. Insight feat: Insomniac
4. Rap Is An Art
5. Opposite Attractions
6. Darkest Anger (96) feat: Brewmaster and produced by Jster
7. Choose Your Weapon

Side 2:
1. Self Motivation feat: Dj Rundown
2. Infinite Sequels feat: Marcus
3. Out The Box
4. Simply Put
5. Figurative Language feat: Brewmaster
6. Local Listing
7. Rap Fight
8. Blurred Vision

2 August 2011

Bomb Hip-Hop Compilation Vol.1

I remember browsing the Bomb Hip-Hop website in the late 90's and seeing VHS copies of the bomb hip-hop videos available for purchase. Being a youngster with no job or credit card I was unable to buy them. Fast forward 5 years and someone is selling bootleg dvd copies on Ebay, having missed my opportunity in the past I decided to grab them. The video quality is not the best but the audio quality is decent. Jonny Paycheck posted the Westcoast Underground show in segments over at cocain blunts a few years ago and Dave Paul dropped by to shed some insight into the unauthorized release of the videos.

"These West Coast Underground video tapes are bootlegs from the UK and are of bad visual & audio quality. Someone had taken the tapes and decided to edit and make their own compilations (yuck). They don’t seem to sync up either. Glad everyone is enjoying the footage but we had nothing to do with the posting or the quality of this.”

I hope one day Bomb will officially re-release this footage in higher quality, until then, these euro bootlegs will have to do.

Volume 1 features footage from the Ultramagnetic Mc's, The Alkaholiks, Pete Nice & Daddy Rich and the Rocksteady Dj's (Q-Bert and Mix Master Mike).