2 August 2011

Bomb Hip-Hop Compilation Vol.1

I remember browsing the Bomb Hip-Hop website in the late 90's and seeing VHS copies of the bomb hip-hop videos available for purchase. Being a youngster with no job or credit card I was unable to buy them. Fast forward 5 years and someone is selling bootleg dvd copies on Ebay, having missed my opportunity in the past I decided to grab them. The video quality is not the best but the audio quality is decent. Jonny Paycheck posted the Westcoast Underground show in segments over at cocain blunts a few years ago and Dave Paul dropped by to shed some insight into the unauthorized release of the videos.

"These West Coast Underground video tapes are bootlegs from the UK and are of bad visual & audio quality. Someone had taken the tapes and decided to edit and make their own compilations (yuck). They don’t seem to sync up either. Glad everyone is enjoying the footage but we had nothing to do with the posting or the quality of this.”

I hope one day Bomb will officially re-release this footage in higher quality, until then, these euro bootlegs will have to do.

Volume 1 features footage from the Ultramagnetic Mc's, The Alkaholiks, Pete Nice & Daddy Rich and the Rocksteady Dj's (Q-Bert and Mix Master Mike).

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