6 August 2011

Spex - Dead Forest Chronicles

As requested a few weeks back, the Dead Forest Chronicles album from Spex. Dead Forest Chronicles features guest appearances from other members of the 1628 Factor including Odnet, Brewmaster, Insomniac, Jster, Dj Rundown and Marcus.

Side 1:
1. Smoothly Vanishin' feat: cuts by Odnet
2. Able To Formulate feat: Brewmaster
3. Insight feat: Insomniac
4. Rap Is An Art
5. Opposite Attractions
6. Darkest Anger (96) feat: Brewmaster and produced by Jster
7. Choose Your Weapon

Side 2:
1. Self Motivation feat: Dj Rundown
2. Infinite Sequels feat: Marcus
3. Out The Box
4. Simply Put
5. Figurative Language feat: Brewmaster
6. Local Listing
7. Rap Fight
8. Blurred Vision


  1. Thank you for putting this album up..means a lot to me..I will be having some surprises for your blog real soon!!

  2. Thanks Spexx, looking forward to it