29 September 2011

Latyrx - Live At Spaceland L.A

While I was an active tape trader in the 90's and early 2000's, Latyrx live at Spaceland L.A was one of the more sought after tapes out there. I don't remember how many people asked me if I had it in my collection and if forgot to include it in my list, of course while I was trying to find this tape I was asking fellow traders the same question. I don't remember when I got this tape but I do remember that it came from one of Hawaii's finest traders and I was really happy to have it in my collection. I have never understood why this tape was so sought after, it certainly isn't the sound quality, which isn't really that bad but it could be better, I always figured it was because there was very little music from Latyrx as a group, besides The Album, some tracks off compilations, and a live show from Austin Texas in 1998 which has amazing sound quality and is being advertised on Lyricsborn.com as the only live recording of Latyrx in existance. If I can find my old copy of this tape I will eventually post it.

24 September 2011

Mikah 9 Live At Rico's Loft

I'm not sure the exact date this was recorded but based on the songs Mikah performs I would guess around the time he was working on the American Nightmare album. The show also takes place on Mikah's birthday and if I heard correctly it was his 41st 31st (Thanks to anonymous and Rueandfork for the clarification). For a live show the sound quality is quite good as Mikah flips through random tracks over different beats and ends with the crowd singing him happy birthday.

While i'm on the subject of Mikah 9 live shows, I heard a rumour about a show that took place not to long after Peace was in a car accident, Peace was in the hospital and Mikah called Peace and had him freestyle over the phone into the microphone for the crowd. I would love to know the story and if there is any audio of this out there. Enjoy

19 September 2011

Spex & Kegs - The Farthest Artists

Kegs One and Spex team up to give us the Farthest Artists. I've always found this to be an interesting release because it's probably the only Spex album where he doesn't handle any production. All the beats are produced by Kegs while Spex focuses on the raps. This is some solid bay area slump from 2 underrated artists.


1. Artists Intro
2. Helen Back
3. Started To Rap Beat
4. Inner Fury
5. The Thickest Fog
6. Joetro
7. Killa Mic
8. Unsolved Solvent
9. Enter Lude
10. 2 Far Out
11. My Own Plan It
12. Farthest Outro

14 September 2011

Most Desh - Hip Hop Is Livin Ep

A slept on classic from Most Desh. I don't have a lot of info on this crew and I don't think they released anything else besides the Back Atcha / Microphone Enhancer split 12" with LPSD in 2004. Anyone with any info on the crew please feel free to share it. Thanks


1. Microphone Enhancer
2. Microphone Enhancer Instrumental
3. Hip Hop Is Livin
4. Cops & Crackrock

11 September 2011

Jibs - On Consignment

On Consignment is a mix I made a few years ago. It's a collection of bay area artists I grew up listening too and still enjoy to this day. I'm not much of a DJ but I have fun mixing records and making mixes like this. Enjoy.


1. Intro
2. Knt - Meditation
3. Joe Dub - 95
4. 427 - Power
5. Homeliss Derilex - Survivin' The Game
6. Boasting
7. Souls Of Mischief - Cab Fair
8. The Bums - Free My Mind
9. Saafir - Just Ridin
10. Charizma - Methods
11. Living Legends - Nowyouno
12. The Fundamentals - Love
13. Sacred Hoop - Panhandle
14. Double Life - No Limitations

8 September 2011

Tom Slick - Illuminated

I don't know much about Tom Slick, other than he was part of the Log Cabin crew and has done some work with the Living Legends on various albums. I would love to know more about Tom Slick and any other music he has made. Illuminated is a dark, layed back instrumental album released in 2001, enjoy.

2 September 2011

Dave Dub - Kill The Idols, Destroy The Lovers

Kill The Idols, Destroy The Lovers is a collection of tracks from Dave Dub spanning 1994 - 1997. This was the first full length Dave Dub album I heard, and from the opening track I was hooked. Daves raps and Tape Master Stephs production work perfectly together to create, in my opinion, one of the most well rounded westcoast underground tapes of all time. To this day "Superfly" is one of my all time favorite tracks "I write all of my raps as if each was my last, fuck it, Dave Dub rules on my epitaph." Enjoy.


1. Domination
2. The Treatment
3. Superfly
4. Planet Rhyme
5. Daring A Ruler
6. Spiderman (R.I.P)
7. Untitled
8. Untitled 2
9. Freestyles
10. Flipside Of The Archived Tape