29 September 2011

Latyrx - Live At Spaceland L.A

While I was an active tape trader in the 90's and early 2000's, Latyrx live at Spaceland L.A was one of the more sought after tapes out there. I don't remember how many people asked me if I had it in my collection and if forgot to include it in my list, of course while I was trying to find this tape I was asking fellow traders the same question. I don't remember when I got this tape but I do remember that it came from one of Hawaii's finest traders and I was really happy to have it in my collection. I have never understood why this tape was so sought after, it certainly isn't the sound quality, which isn't really that bad but it could be better, I always figured it was because there was very little music from Latyrx as a group, besides The Album, some tracks off compilations, and a live show from Austin Texas in 1998 which has amazing sound quality and is being advertised on Lyricsborn.com as the only live recording of Latyrx in existance. If I can find my old copy of this tape I will eventually post it.

Latyrx Live At Spaceland L.A is just over 43 mins long. The first half of the tape is Latyrx ripping tracks from their debut album with Dj Shadow on the turntables, and the last half is freestyles from Lyrics Born, Lateef The Truth Speaker, Gift Of Gab, T-Love and a whole bunch of other people I can't identify but I keep hearing people say Black Eyed Peas. I'm not sure when this was recorded but they make mention of picking up Dj Shadow's Entroducing so i'm assuming it was in the mid to late 90's. As always any info you might have would be much appreciated. Enjoy

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