22 October 2011

Spex - Inspirations

More Spex, everyone wants more Spex. I've had lots of emails from people looking for more music from Spex and the 1628 Factor crew, so here it is. I first heard this album on a trip to the Bay area in 2003, I met Spex and we got talking about music, he asked me when I was leaving and told me he would drop off some tapes for my trip home. The night before I left there were 2 tape dropped off at the place I was staying, Inspirations was one of them. Thanks to Spex for hitting me off with good music, I hope everyone enjoys it as much as I do.

1. Hard 2 Remain
2. Years Of Tension
3. Someway Knowhow
4. Extra Credit
5. Little Did You Know feat. Brewmasta, Maleko
6. Team Effort feat. Autoflo, Maleko, Optimus Rhymes
7. Close The Book feat. Brewmasta
8. Extra Credit 2
9. Different Designs feat. Bucc Rogerz
10. After The Other feat. Brewmasts, Bucc Rogerz
11. Extra Credit 3
12. Redwood Rebels
13. Extra Credit 4
14. Untitled
15. Untitled

Production: Tracks: 9, 10 Bucc Rodgerz, Tracks: 2 , 12 Kegs One, Track: 6 Slugsworth


  1. Dope! You know that "That Was Then...This
    Is How" (Cass) 2001 release ?
    maybe you can hook us up ???

  2. I would love to post that album but I don't have it digitally and my tape copy is in storage for a while

  3. spex is mad dope, thanks for this.

    i might post "That Was Then... This Is How" tape to ghettotyylit.blogspot.com next week. keep a look out.