24 November 2011

Lovebomb Soundclash - Lovebomb Soundclash

Lovebomb Soundclash is Joe Dub, Deeskee and Topic. Released in 2001 by the good folks at Asita Recordings, Lovebomb Soundclash seems to be one of the lesser known Joe Dub albums. I'm not sure why that is, the album is really dope and features some pretty heavy hitters in the westcoast underground scene. Enjoy

18 November 2011

1628 Factor - The Factor

The super homie Spex just hooked up this rare 1628 Factor album. This tape was never officially released, it was handed out to select people in Redwood City back in 96. This album was recorded prior to the Low Cash Chapter album and features the original members of the 1628 Factor: Rundown, Spex, Brewmasta, JuanKanobi, Rolex, Penzone and Jster. All the beats were handled by Jster; this album has that classic 1628 sound that that got me hooked the first time I head it. Enjoy

15 November 2011

Low Blood Sugar Music Exclusive Unreleased Tracks

Canadian Rap legend Fatmike aka the Steel Town Kid hit me up with links to some of his exclusive unreleased works. Known for his creative collaborations and hard drums, Mike always seems to have something to get your head nodding. Keep an eye on Low Blood Sugar Music for more of Mike's work. 

13 November 2011

Rockstar Industries - Rockstar Industries

Rockstar Industries is Dave Dub, Joe Dub and Megabusive and this album was released in 2001. Tracks 1, 3, 4, 5, 7, 8 and 9 were produced by Megabusive. Track 2 was produced by P-Bofa and Track 6 was produced by AC 75.


1. Utter And Complete Non-Sense
2. Dub Brothers
3. We Won't Take This Sitting Down
4. Paper Or Plastic
5. 4 Points Off The Bench
6. Primatrium
7. Hometown Heros
8. We're Rapping About Being Metal
9. White Lines 

5 November 2011

Emanon - Unreleased 90 Min Tape

The super homie and king of westcoast underground updates on discogs, KaliYuga Pro and I have been discussing this Emanon - Unreleased 90 Minute Tape we both happen to have. Neither of us know any of the history behind this, who released it or when it came out. We both obtained it from different sources and our copies are of differing quality. Here is a cassette rip of my copy.

1 November 2011

Dead Forest Society - Derived From Samples

Derived From Samples is a limited edition tape from The Dead Forest Society, brought to us by the good folks at Megakut Records. Spex hit me up with this release and wanted to make sure people got a chance to hear this music. As the title states, Derived From Samples is completely created from music sampled from various sources. Please take the time to thank the artists for their hard work in the comments and if you like what you hear you can support the artists and grab a copy from Megakut Records for $8.