1 November 2011

Dead Forest Society - Derived From Samples

Derived From Samples is a limited edition tape from The Dead Forest Society, brought to us by the good folks at Megakut Records. Spex hit me up with this release and wanted to make sure people got a chance to hear this music. As the title states, Derived From Samples is completely created from music sampled from various sources. Please take the time to thank the artists for their hard work in the comments and if you like what you hear you can support the artists and grab a copy from Megakut Records for $8.


  1. Megakut records also sells 1628 Factor "Flow Cash Chapter" tape, but there are less than 10 copies left so act fast!
    Big up to Spex, Brewmasta and Jster for still releasing dope music.

  2. DFS is not done, were just getting started! look for new heat from the whole crew including BUCC ROGERZ (check music for the 21st century), kingELJEN! (entertainment 7" feat e da boss and kensho kuma slepton.net) DETOX, KURS, of course DA BREWMASTA is going to crush everything in a second, and the dfs captain, SPEXXX has a xmas mix that will be the standard moving foward. were DROWNING FAKE STARS w/ DAZZLING FANTASTIC STYLES!!!!