24 November 2011

Lovebomb Soundclash - Lovebomb Soundclash

Lovebomb Soundclash is Joe Dub, Deeskee and Topic. Released in 2001 by the good folks at Asita Recordings, Lovebomb Soundclash seems to be one of the lesser known Joe Dub albums. I'm not sure why that is, the album is really dope and features some pretty heavy hitters in the westcoast underground scene. Enjoy


1. Rage Against The Regime
2. Love Bomb
3. The Bay Way feat. Dave Dub
4. Word Power
5. Whatever It Takes
6. Cliff Notes
7. Soundclash
8. Meaningless Places feat. Topic
9. Rappin Renegade
10. Untitled

Production: Alex 75 (Track: 6), Deeskee (Tracks: 2, 8, 9), Johnny Rico (Track: 4), Lovebomb Soundclash (Track: 3), Pbofa (Tracks: 1, 5, 7). 

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