17 December 2011

Cue's Hip Hop Shop Vol.1

I remember buying this 2xLP from a now closed record store in Vancouver called Bassix. We used to pile into my old station wagon and make the 4 hour drive to Vancouver in search of music and cheap pizza. I don't remember exactly what made me buy this record, I think I bought it because Rasco - Run The Line was killing it on the mixtape scene and there was a Rasco track on it that I hadn't heard. I credit this album for introducing me to Double Life, L'roneous, Sacred Hoop, Live Human, Dj Quest and Third Sight. The more I think about this album really helped shape my musical taste and my love for the Bay Area music scene. I go back and listen to this album every once in a while, it brings back lots of good memories and will always have a special place in my crates.


1. Rasco & Kut Master Kurt - Me & My Crew
2. Double Life - Cycles Of The Mind
3. Izm Da Mad Soul - Maintaining Izmatic Degrees
4. Live Human - Almost Live
5. Eddie K - Real Shit
6. Sacred Hoop - Not Our House
7. Antares - Imagination
8. Big Dame - D.C Niggas Are The Craziest
9. Rob Swift - Beats For Days
10. Westside Chemical - Peptic Relief
11. Dj Badrok - 1-800-Coming-Correct
12. Dj Marz - Lake Futon
13. Roc Raida - Raida Vs. Mystery Dj
14. Third Sight - Hostage
15. Quantun Flux - Wild Red Hot
16. Mr. Dibbs - Jadahs Transmission
17. Dj Apollo, Vinroc, Skortkut & Richness - Live At Cue's


  1. jibs your blog is one of my new favs! word up!

  2. Hi, What about Vol. 2?

    My Fave'd blog too.


    1. Unfortunately I only have a dusty dub of vol.2. I haven't been fortunate enough to come up on a higher quality version. If I do find one I will post it for sure