12 December 2011

Underbucket - Underbucket

Before they were Grand Invincible, the dynamic duo of Luke Sick and Eons One were known as Underbucket. When I first heard this album I was very familiar with Luke Sicks work with Sacred Hoop but I had never heard much from Eons One. As usual Luke kills it with the raps but I was really impressed with Eons One's production. I've always felt like Eons didn't stray too far from the Sacred Hoop/Gurp City sounds but he managed to showcase his own style on the tracks, a very dope album.


1. C4
2. Flags At Halfmast
3. Bloody Hammer
4. Sucker
5. Mc Hunter S Thompson
6. Julian's Theme
7. Luke Of Earl
8. Growing Weed On My Grave
9. I'm Done
10. Turf Raps feat: Z-Man
11. Crate Goblins Pt. 1