1 December 2011

Young Joseph - Summer Fling

Summer Fling, my favorite album from Young Joseph aka Old Joseph aka Joe Dub. This is a cd rip, but I've also included the 2 bonus tracks that were only available on the amazing limited edition Black and Orange 2 x LP pictured above. The 2 x LP was released in 2001 on Sublevel Epidemic Records and the CD was released at the same time on Highground Industries. 


1. Intro
2. Straight Out The Gate
3. Copyright 2000
4. Confidence feat: Maleko
5. The Rain
6. The Lookout (Interlude)
7. Getting By feat: Administer, Existereo, Subtitle
8. Strength In Ones
9. Searching For Something More
10. Family Man
11. Summer Fling
12. The Weenie Roast (Interlude)
 13. Highground Trench Rats feat: Pilot Rase
14. Suction feat: Liferexall, Subtitle, Tommy V
15. Northern Cali
16. James Worthy
17. Blazing Summer (Interlude)
18. Peel That Ho
19. My Bad feat: JESFSM, Tommy V
20. Summer Fling Remix feat: Administer, EVS, Logic
21. Information Highway (Vinyl Only Bonus Track)
22. Saboda Gigante (Vinyl Only Bonus Track)

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