29 January 2012

Daysmen Empire - Daysmen Empire

The classic self titled release from the under rated crew Daysmen Empire (A-O.N.E, Diverse, Esoin and Style Misia.) As a crew they didn't release many albums, I can only think of this and the Constylations - Thought Crimes tape. Individually they've all been more prolific, each member with numerous releases. I'm still looking for the early Esion tapes, both A-O.N.E's albums and the solo albums from Piseas and Left. I would be very greatful to anyone who could help me track down those albums.

22 January 2012

Bomb Hip-Hop Flexi Disc Vol.2

Volume 2 of the limited edition Bomb Hip-Hop flexi disc. Like vol.1, this flexi disc was inserted into the Bomb Hip-Hop magazine back in 92. Featuring tracks from The Goats, Rufus and Rifi, Behemoth (Produced by The Automator), Down 2 Earth and a special beat from The Automator.

18 January 2012

Bomb Hip-Hop Flexi Disc Vol.1

I ripped this a long time ago and I'm not sure why its taken me so long to put it up. The Bomb Hip-Hop flexi disc vol.1 was a promo that was inserted into the classic Bomb Hip-Hop magazine back in 1992. This one sided flexi disc features 2 tracks and a message from Bomb Hip-Hop founder Dave Paul. I can't claim to be O.G enough to have acquired my copy from a Bomb Hip-Hop magazine back in the nine deuce, but I am O.G enough to have bought a copy from Dave Paul off Ebay back in 2001. Being the huge Charizma (R.I.P) fan that I am I was excited to hear his track, and in 2001 there wasn't a lot of his music available. I don't know a lot about the other artist, Rymskeme but I was very impressed with his track and would appreciate any info anyone has about him and his music.

12 January 2012

Joe Dub - Dope And Dead Broke 8"

Dope And Dead Broke, the super fresh limited edition 8" record released by Anti-Party Music in 2005. Yes you read the last sentence properly, I definitely said 8" record. The super fresh record label Anti-Party Music decided that 7" records were played out and they took it to the next level and dropped an 8". Printed on clear wax, Dope And Dead Broke was limited to 120 hand labelled copies worldwide and I was lucky enough to get my hands on one. All the tracks are taken from the Young Joseph - Noise Pollution album that was released in 1999. I'm not going to say much more about this record, I'll let Joe Dubs liner notes tell the story:

6 January 2012

Dj Eons One - The Lost Tape

More Dj Eons goodness with The Lost Album. Eons takes a different approach on this album than on his previous tapes and puts together more of a compilation. Eons also does something i wish more artists would do and puts together a solid set of liner notes, providing some interesting back story on some of the tracks.

1 January 2012

Dj Eons One - Future Sound Shock

Continuing with the Eons One mixtapes, Future Sound Shock was released in 1998 and is an interesting collection of music, sound clips and sound effects. Check it out.