29 January 2012

Daysmen Empire - Daysmen Empire

The classic self titled release from the under rated crew Daysmen Empire (A-O.N.E, Diverse, Esoin and Style Misia.) As a crew they didn't release many albums, I can only think of this and the Constylations - Thought Crimes tape. Individually they've all been more prolific, each member with numerous releases. I'm still looking for the early Esion tapes, both A-O.N.E's albums and the solo albums from Piseas and Left. I would be very greatful to anyone who could help me track down those albums.

1. Style Misia, Esion - In This World Today
2. Style Misia, Diverse, Esoin - Deep Concentration
3. Style Misia - Nice Dreams
4. Style Misia, Esoin - Dark Lullabiez
5. Style Misia, Diverse, Esoin - Feelings
6. Esoin - Cranberry Juice
7. Style Misia, Diverse, Esoin - Final Outcome
8. Diverse - It Seems...(Lately It Seems)
9. Style Misia, Esoin, Diverse - Age I Obtain


  1. Fuck yes!!!
    Thank you tons for this. I'm also on the look out for all that other stuff you're searching for. I'll keep on looking!

  2. There is also a 7" with Style Misia and Left called "Die Another Day".

  3. Thanks for the info on the 7", I'll add that to the want list

  4. Hi,
    the archive seems to be corrupt, I've downloaded it several times and itwalys shows up as "unexpected end of archive" when I unrar it.The last two songs are missing.

    1. Thanks for letting me know, it should be good now