7 February 2012

Constylations - Thought Crimes

This album was my introduction to most of the members of the Daysmen Empire crew, I had heard Esoin before and I think I picked this up on the strength of him being in the group. Thought Crimes has always been one of my favourite under ground tapes. Shouts out to KaliyugaPro for re-uniting me with this album a few years ago when I couldn't find my tape, of course I found the tape a few weeks after he hooked it up.


1. Diverse, Esoin, Amorphous, Piseas - Crazy 8's
2. Esoin - Exist
3. Amorphous, Piseas - Fuck it
4. Elevator Conversations
5. Esoin. A-O.N.E - We Don't
6. Amorphous - Motionless
7. Esoin - As The World Rotates
8. Turntable Racist
9. Amorphous, G.Owns, Piseas - Rat Race
10. Amorphous, Luap, Piseas - Time
11. Esoin, Cuts By Worldwise - Hidden Demons
12. Piseas - Untitled
13. Trane Of Thought
14. Esoin - Enuffwitit
15. Piseas, Style Misia, Diverse, Jerry English - Constantly


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