29 February 2012

Rifleman, Nga Fish, Tacktloss, Brodhi and Kegs One German Radio Show 2004

Today's update comes to us from Rob in Germany. Rob hit me up the other day about some old radio shows from KZSU radio Stanford and during our conversation Rob mentioned that he had an unreleased radio show from the Sofarwest German tour from 2004. I mentioned that I would love to put it on the site and 2 days later Rob had a link in my inbox. Thank you Rob.

As previously mentioned this was recorded in 2004 from a German radio show during the Sofarwest tour. I think this was recorded at the beginning of the tour and features Rifleman, Nga Fish, Tacktloss, Brodhi, and Kegs One. There is some discussion of the upcoming tour, the artists play some tracks they're feeling and there is a freestyle session with Rifleman, Nga Fish, Tacktloss, and Brodhi freestyling over Kegs One playing the MPC live in the studio. Enjoy this and please make sure to thank Rob for his contribution in the comments.