30 March 2012

Boac And Mohammed Are Orange Flash - Straight To Tape

Straight To Tape is a limited edition cassette only release from Boac and Mohammed. I've had this album for a long time but for some reason I always over look it. When I was looking for information on The Midnight Voices, I realized that one of the members of the group (Mohammed) had done some work with Boac in the past. I reached out to KaliYuga Pro for a digital copy before I ripped my tape. As usual Kaliyuga came through which is why I'm posting this album today. Enjoy

23 March 2012

Bored Stiff - 1992

I've had this CD for a long time, I know I got it in a tape trade back in the day, I think I know who I got it from but I'm not 100% sure so I don't want to thank anyone in case I get it wrong. I do appreciate this CD, especially since I don't think it was part of my trade list and the person added it in extra for me. I've listened to this album over the years and didn't really know much about it. I'd never heard it mentioned anywhere and I was pretty sure it was either wrongly titled or someones personal compilation. I didn't care either way because it was good music from Bored Stiff and I hadn't heard some of the tracks before. In 2009 I downloaded a Bored Stiff album called Fucked Up Tape and it was the same thing as my 1992 CD. Years went by, I forgot about both albums, mainly because Bored Stiff was dropping new albums.

Fast forward to 3 months ago, I'm going through some albums, looking for something for the site and I find this CD. I asked a few people if they knew anything about it, but no one had any solid info about it. I reached out to TD Camp from Bored Stiff and he took the time to hit me off with a tracklist and some info on the music.

"A few of these were lost and haven't been heard by us in a long time (5,6,7)... THANKS. I have most of the other stuff as a lot better recordings. Most of this stuff was recorded in '92 & '93 at the loft me and Julz had near Balboa Bart station and also at MIC's apt of JoJo & Mints apt (both on Haight and Fillmore). Most of the beats were made by me with my Casio FZ-10M and then I'd record the vocals on my 4-track or they would take the beat tapes to MIC's of JoJp & Mint's to record with a 2 track (karaoke machine)." - TD Camp

18 March 2012

Midnight Voices - Late Night At The Upper Room

Midnight Voices are back with their second album, Late Night At The Upper Room. The Upper Room was a black owned, non-alcohol, non-tobacco, all day & all night club in San Francisco. The members of the Midnight Voices were spending a lot of time there during the recording of this album and they credit the club, saying that "all the songs on this album have been channeled through us and produced at the Upper Room". Enjoy

12 March 2012

Midnight Voices - Dreams Keep Blowing My Mind

This group has been in the back of my mind for years, and up until recently I had never really looked for any of their music. I didn't know anything about the group or any of its members. I had only heard of them through shout outs from Boac and The Coup, but that was enough to get my attention. After looking around for a while I found this track which was linked off their Discogs profile. Later I found the groups website which looks as though it was made in the 90's and then abandoned. After a few weeks I found a few of their albums and began working on this post.

Midnight Voices is comprised of members Will Power and Mystic (aka Mohammed as he's known on the Orange Flash album he made with Boac and his appearance on MTV's The Real World). Their music features lots of live instruments and positive conscious lyrics, check it out.

7 March 2012

Kalifornia Noize Terrorists Present - KNT

After years of searching, I was able to track down the only album from The Kalifornia Noize Terrorists aka The Knuckle Neck Tribe. In the end it really wasn't hard to find this album, I bought it for $0.75 + shipping on Amazon and a week later it was in my hands...thanks Internet. I've always enjoyed KNT's music, especially the earlier 12"s, you can find a track from their Meditation/You Know 12" on a mix tape I posted a few months ago. I'm not to sure why this album eluded me for so long, the only other person I've spoke with who had a copy was Eons One, who was working on a post about the group for Ripped Open By Metal Explosions a few years back but I don't think was ever published. In the end I enjoyed the album, it had some guests on it I didn't expect to see, most notably San Quinn who raps on 2 tracks, Equipto who kills it with Spank Pops on a track and Dj Apollo.