30 March 2012

Boac And Mohammed Are Orange Flash - Straight To Tape

Straight To Tape is a limited edition cassette only release from Boac and Mohammed. I've had this album for a long time but for some reason I always over look it. When I was looking for information on The Midnight Voices, I realized that one of the members of the group (Mohammed) had done some work with Boac in the past. I reached out to KaliYuga Pro for a digital copy before I ripped my tape. As usual Kaliyuga came through which is why I'm posting this album today. Enjoy


  1. wtf? i had this tape and lost it i thought i would never see this again and you giving it away for free? wow thanks man i never in a million years thought i hear this again

  2. This a classic album!! Great music! Its a climax crank it up to the max get juiced with the orange flash as long as it lasts a climax.. its a climax crank it up to the max its not time to relax it's time to react!!