12 March 2012

Midnight Voices - Dreams Keep Blowing My Mind

This group has been in the back of my mind for years, and up until recently I had never really looked for any of their music. I didn't know anything about the group or any of its members. I had only heard of them through shout outs from Boac and The Coup, but that was enough to get my attention. After looking around for a while I found this track which was linked off their Discogs profile. Later I found the groups website which looks as though it was made in the 90's and then abandoned. After a few weeks I found a few of their albums and began working on this post.

Midnight Voices is comprised of members Will Power and Mystic (aka Mohammed as he's known on the Orange Flash album he made with Boac and his appearance on MTV's The Real World). Their music features lots of live instruments and positive conscious lyrics, check it out.

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