30 April 2012

Rymo - Cummulous Confusion

I don't know anything about Rymo, other than that he is in a group called Broken Dialek with Da Golden Ray. Up until Kaliyuga Pro made this post over at Ghetto Tyylit I completely forgot I had this CD. If anyone has any further info about Rymo and any of his other music please drop knowledge on me.

23 April 2012

The Earthlings - Dues Paid

Dues Paid, the live album released by The Earthlings in 2001 on 2B1 Records. This is a collection of live tracks recorded at various location between 1995 and 2001. I don't have a lot of time to write much about this album, just know that its dope.....otherwise I wouldn't have posted it.

16 April 2012

Mystik Journeymen - Unsigned And Hella Broke Vol. 1

UHB 1, one of the earliest Mystik Journeymen tapes. To this day this tape still gets regular play in my tape deck. Like most people, this tape eluded me for year, I had to put up with crunchy 3rd and 4th generation dubs. Then one day I got an email from one of raps mail order super thugs, Mr. P-Minus, letting me know that he found a few copies and he wanted to know if I would like one. When my copy arrived, I made room for it in the tape racks, but still held on to my dubbed copy. After listening to the original, I realized the quality wasn't that much better then my dubbed version. I hope you enjoy this album as much as I do.

10 April 2012

Boac - Modern Originalus

Modern Originalus, the debut album from Boac released in 1998. I remember the first time I heard Boac, it was from the 19 Ninety Now Theme Transmission 12" a friend owned. Neither of us knew anything about Boac or any of his other music, or if he even had any. One day, probably in early 2000, a family member gave me a gift certificate for a local music store. Now living in a medium sized city in Canada, the local music stores selection was/is pretty terrible. The store had this frustrating computer in the back that would allow you to search all the albums the store could order. My friends and I had spent hours sifting through that system looking for things to order, the only 2 albums we ever found were Freestyle Fellowship - Innercity Griots and Hieroglyphics - Third Eye Vision. One day I went down to the store and started the gruelling process of finding something to spend this gift certificate on. After a while I was starting to get tired of the searching process and I was prepared to sell the gift certificate for whatever I could get for it. I decided to start searching for some more obscure artists, hoping for a miracle. I was shocked when I searched for Boac and the system said there was an album available from him. I had the store order the album and 3 weeks later I picked it up. Since that day I've followed his music closely and picked up as much of it as I could.

Enough of that rambling, all you need to know is that this album is good, it has guest spots from Odis, Mystic Moe & Will Power (Midnight Voices), Safari, Iwa, Mr. Pibb, Top Ramen and production from Boac and Bootleg.

4 April 2012

Megabusive 365 Songs In 365 Days

In 2010 Megabusive set out to record 365 songs in 365 days. I remember when he started releasing tracks, but somewhere along the way I got side tracked and forgot about it. A few months ago I was looking to see how he had progressed and to catch up on some of the tracks, but there was nothing on his Bandcamp. Fast forward to today, I check his Bandcamp and the tracks are back up with the following note:

"I did this exercise between 8/2010-8/2011. What initially started as a joke on Twitter, eventually became 100+ tracks recorded and released for free within 365 days.

I wanted to use this project as an opportunity to experiment with various styles, concepts and recording/mixing procedures. During the making of this, I was also compiling material for various projects to be released throughout 2012 and beyond, separate from the material contained here. All in all, I learned a lot and am proud of the output.

I owe a lot of appreciation to my friends and co-conspirators on Twitter, who would often supply me with subject matter, ... more"

I don't know how long this will be posted for so I recommend checking it out while you can. I think what Megabusive attempted was pretty amazing and I think its a great opportunity for people to check out his new music, whether they're familiar with him or not. I haven't heard this yet, but looking over the track list there are some interesting featured artists including: Dave Dub, Gel Roc, Dj Traps, Open Mike Eagle, Subtitle, and Vrse Murphy!!!!!