25 June 2012

1 Year Aniversary Post - Spex & Kegs One - Farthest Artists Radio

This Is For The Hustlers was launched 1 year ago today. I had been talking about launching a site for a while, but procrastination kept getting the best of me. I had been following sites like Ripped Open By Metal Explosions, Ghetto Tyylit, Bring That Beat Back, Record Science, Recordz On Wheels, and many others for some time. While these sites all do an amazing job of digging up and posting hard to find and forgotten music, I felt there was still room for me to start a site and post music I felt deserved more attention. I started working on a name, organizing music, reached out to my homie Jumpa Cablz for the some fresh artwork, and after a few months of planning the site went live.

Since the launch of the site I have met some amazing people who have offered a wealth of knowledge and provided some amazing music for me to post. I want to take this time to thank everyone who has commented on a post, sent me an email or provided me with music for the site.

20 June 2012

Dj Marz - Worth The Illionaire

Another rare tape from Dj Marz. Worth The Illionaire is a really dope mix featuring tracks from Sacred Hoop, Eddie K and others as well as some super fresh cuts from Dj Marz. Don't sleep cat dog

14 June 2012

Dj Marz - Mystery Meat

Mystery Meat is a tape I copped in a trade with the homie AyeJay back in the day. I don't know much about this tape, I've only ever seen it referenced on Ripped Open By Metal Explosions while they were talking about an older, equally dope mix tape from Dj Marz...which is still available for download.

8 June 2012

EVS - Therapy...?

Therapy...? is a 60 minute collection of instrumental tracks from EVS. Not much more to say about this one, just some good music from one of San Diego's most under rated artists, with a little help from Deeskee on one of the beats. Peep game.

3 June 2012

EVS - Shades Of Grey

Released in 1999, Shades Of Grey was the first solo release from EVS. EVS is an MC from San Diego, California and is/was a member of the Commonwealth, Subdivision, Convenience Store, and la2thebay crews. When I picked this tape up I had never heard any of EVS's music. I bought this on the strength of a recommendation from Optimus Rhymes, back when he was working at Below The Surface. Since hearing this album I have done my best to follow EVS's music. I haven't heard anything new from EVS lately, I hope he's still making music and if/when something new comes out I will be sure to cop it.

I don't have any music from EVS's old crews, except the Subdivision - Appetizer Ep. If anyone has anything I would love to get a copy and post it on the site. Thanks