25 June 2012

1 Year Aniversary Post - Spex & Kegs One - Farthest Artists Radio

This Is For The Hustlers was launched 1 year ago today. I had been talking about launching a site for a while, but procrastination kept getting the best of me. I had been following sites like Ripped Open By Metal Explosions, Ghetto Tyylit, Bring That Beat Back, Record Science, Recordz On Wheels, and many others for some time. While these sites all do an amazing job of digging up and posting hard to find and forgotten music, I felt there was still room for me to start a site and post music I felt deserved more attention. I started working on a name, organizing music, reached out to my homie Jumpa Cablz for the some fresh artwork, and after a few months of planning the site went live.

Since the launch of the site I have met some amazing people who have offered a wealth of knowledge and provided some amazing music for me to post. I want to take this time to thank everyone who has commented on a post, sent me an email or provided me with music for the site.

Having said all that, today's post comes courtesy of Rob from Germany, who you may remember provided some rare radio footage of the 2004 SoFarWest German tour here and here. Rob took the time and broke me off with rips of all the shows from the short lived Farthest Artists Radio show on KZSU Stanford. Rob wanted to make sure these tapes were available for everyone to hear and not just gathering dust in his collection. These tapes aren't, never were and never will be for sale anywhere. If you come across someone trying to sell these tapes, tell them to get the bozak. The audio quality varies, we've done our best to clean it up and piece the shows together from the tapes. These shows were recorded in the spring/summer of 2004 and feature Spex and Kegs One playing good music and having fun in the studio.

There are no tracklists available, but if you need info on a track, drop a question in the comments section and I'll do my best to help you figure it out.

**To those wondering, the cake pictured above was from my birthday a few years ago, I sampled it, chopped out the personal message and dropped it for this post cause I'm hip hop like that.

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  1. Happy Birthday! Thank you for a year's worth of amazing and unheard music. And this post is absolutely the bomb - I can't wait to start listeing. Thank you Rob and Jibs!

  2. That's great! happy soundday!

  3. Happy B-Day!! All the best for the next years! hope u all like the radio shows, without Jibs the tapes would still gathering dust in my collection, so big THX to u Jibs!! .. what a nice cake,yummy yummy.. best wishes & greetz Rob

  4. Thank you for putting these long forgotten shows up!!!

  5. Happy Anniversary! Thanks for a year of good music! I'm curious about what's to come...

  6. Happy belated B-day and thx for all you do here!