15 July 2012

Sacred Hoop - Hoopleg

Hoopleg, an album of unreleased and rare Sacred Hoop tracks released in 2003. This album features some of my favorite tracks as Luke Sick flexes his range of styles. Featuring Brain, Extrakd, Son Tif, Vrse Murphy, Dj Marz, Dj Raw B, Dj Flare and Curator and Buckethead. This album should already be in your collection, but if not here is your chance to add it because Palo Alto's finest kills it as usual.


  1. Amazing lp, thanks for this.

  2. A gurp city classic, artwork by Matt Loomis and Aye Jay two of these songs are off the Freak Brothers project

  3. Thanks for the info The Mayor, what is the freak brothers project, i've never heard of it

  4. http://www.discogs.com/Freak-Brothers-Gonervill-Presents-The-Freak-Brothers/release/297580

  5. This freak bros lp is in my whislist for many years, yay! damn i need it so much.
    I have this in the same label "stray records" :

    hey! jibs, can i make a rip 4 u if u want!

    1. Unfortunately I don't have the freak bros lp. If you could hook up a rip of the stray from the pack compilation that would be appreciated.