26 August 2012

Endless In Machinery - Industrial Death

Endless In Machinery is Dave Dub and Tape Master Steph aka Sidus Idiom. Industrial Death was originally released on cassette in 1999 and then re-released on CD in 2002 by the good folks at Isolated Wax. This is more of that classic Dave Dub sound with production handled by Tape Master Steph, Fanatik, Dj Roe, and The Architect. Guest raps courtesy of Defiance and Zest The Smoker aka Grandmaster Zest.

19 August 2012

EVS - Amiably Repressed

Released in 2005, Amiably Repressed is a collection of new and old EVS solo tracks and collaborations. Featuring guest raps from Maleko, Randy, Brodhi, Raj, Neila, Optimus Rhymes, Ayentee, Mane One and more this 2 track mix tape is some of my favorite EVS work.

12 August 2012

Below The Surface Presents BTS TV Vol. 1 DVD

BTS TV Vol.1 is a collection of live show footage from 2000 - 2004 that to my knowledge was never released. I was given a copy of this DVD in 2005 when visiting the bay area with friends. Featuring the likes of Randy, The Jedi Knights Circle, The Disflex6, Maleko, Joe Dub, Dave Dub, Persevere, Spex, N8 The Gr8, Scarub, Ellay Khule, Optimus Rhymes, D-Styles, Pseudo, Kanser, Aloe Blacc, Exile, Emanon, The Cuf, Murs, Eligh, Otherwise, Actafool, Kaer, Sach, and more. 

This DVD has some amazing live performance footage, Ellay Khule performing the Rifleman Acapella, footage from the Old Joseph - The Walk record release party, Exile coming up from behind the turntables to kick Exile For President, Sach rapping at the Sach 5th Ave record release party and kicking his verse from The Nonce Mixtapes, then asking the crowd for a moment of silence for Yusef Afloat during his part of the track.

Shouts out to KegsOne for getting me a copy of this and Crazy Mike from Fish Eye Films for putting it together. Enjoy

4 August 2012

Burnt Batch - The Produce Aisle

I first heard about Pismo on his Game 12" back in 2001, which I think I copped on the strength of A-Plus and Pep Love being featured on it. Once I heard that record I needed to find more music from him. One problem, at that time he didn't have any other solo music out that I could find. A few years later I saw this album sitting in a record store, I didn't know who they were but I copped it because Plado from Twisted Mind Kids was featured on it. I was happy to find out that Pismo was involved and this record has been a favourite of mine ever since. Since then I've found a few other Pismo solo 12's and his full length from 2006, but I've always felt that he was under rated as an MC. 

If anyone has a copy of the Burnt Batch - Universal tape I would love to get my hands on that.