31 October 2012

Bored Stiff - Unreleased 4 Track Shit

Released by Sublevel Epidemic in 2002, Unreleased 4 Track Shit is a collection of tracks recorded between 1992 - 1994. This is dusty underground rap at its finest, enjoy that Bored Stiff sound.

25 October 2012

SubDivision - Appetizer Ep

Subdivision is EVS, Humdrum and Incyte. Released in 1999 The Appetizer EP was the second and final release from the group.

I've been looking for this EP for a long time, thanks to Rahovec for hooking it up.

23 October 2012

EVS - Odds & Ends

Limited edition EP featuring Maleko, Optimus Rhymes, Bert Plus, and Humdrum. All tracks produced by EVS except tracks 4 and 8 produced by Kegs One.

Thanks to Rahovec for hooking this up.

18 October 2012

KZSU Crews Compilation '96

Released in '96, the KZSU Crews Compilation features artists that had regular radio shows or were regular guests on radio shows at Stanford's legendary KZSU radio station. I don't know much about some of these artists, however there are names like Insomniac, Raggedy Andy and Dopestyle (Doperstyle 1231) that stood out to me. It was later pointed out that Jubwa (Pitch Black) was featured on a Stones Throw Records compilation around 2007 and had a track on a Peanut Butter Wolf mix CD.

I want to thank Japanic for hooking this up. I always appreciate being introduced to new/old music.

12 October 2012

Chef Salad & The Crew Tones ‎– Live @ The 700 Club

The description on the back j-card describe this better than I ever could, enjoy

10 October 2012

My Requests

Please hit me up if you have any of these albums/videos

Asop - The Black Wolf Show Vol.2 VHS
Asop - The Black Wolf Show Vol.3 VHS
Rebels Of Rhythm - Crumb
Logic & Kingone - Testing Grounds
Illa-Dapted - Youthful Indiscretion
Burnt Batch - Universal
Dj Werd - Werd's House
Sahnuhtayshun Duhpartment Demo/Albums
92 Prophets CD
Dj Roe & Tape Master Steph - The Ghetto Mix
P-Minus & Kegs - Diggin In The Tapes
WD4D - Attica Blends
WD4D Vs. Megachrom
WD4D - Phat Traks In The 4th Dimension
Mr. Taber aka EDaddy - These Street
Practice Video Magazine Issue 1
Practice Video Magazine Issue 2
Practice Video Magazine Issue 3

August 2018 Updates:

Jahlie ‎– Circle & The Factory
DJ Awo ‎– Northern Highs & owLs
Now Cracking Audio Of Zion ‎– Treehouse Mixtape
Visionary Force - Force Field
San Francisco Street Music - SF Weekly
San Francisco Street Music -  The Portland Sessions / BSides
Living Legends - MCMXCVIII
ESP - Three Wise Men
Jedi Knights Circle & ESP - Santa Cruz Musicians Compilation Thanks Damazi Rap
Mad Child - Claustrophobic EP
Broke Ass Summer Jam III (Fall Sampler 98)
Sidus Idiom ‎– Moments Til Ruin Thanks Etienne
Audiopharmacy ‎– Audio Pharmacy Prescriptions (Limited Brazil Prescription)
Emanon - Dawn's Second Coming (Good quality rip)
Emanon - Imaginary Friends (Good quality rip)
Da Rymskeme ‎– 3 Million Miles Inna Demo

7 October 2012

Hip Hop Slam TV Vol 8 Oct 23 1993

Vol 8 of the short lived bay area Hip Hop Slam TV show from 1993. This is the last episode I've been able to track down and it doesn't disappoint. Featuring interviews with The Leaders Of The New School, Spice 1, Too Short, Dj Apollo killing it on the turntables, and some classic bay area videos. Peep game.

1 October 2012

Neila & Jus 1.0 - The Mystery Machine

Mystery Machine is a collaboration album with Neila on the raps and Jus 1.0 handling beats. We all know that Neila is extremely talented and one of the nicest people you will ever meet, but there doesn't seem to be too much info out there about Jus 1.0. I was able to find a link to an album of his on the blog Til Infinity, that is no longer being updated, but still has some lots of rare music available. Jus 1.0 appears to be from the Lightsleepers crew, they're credited with 2 releases on discogs and that's it. If anyone has anymore info about them or their music please enlighten me.