29 November 2012

P. Way - From All Angles

This album eluded me for a long time. I passed up buying it in Vancouver one day because I only had enough money for the cd or a 30 minute cab ride back to my hotel. I chose the cab ride, but as soon as I got back to the hotel I regretted my decision. It took me a few years to track it down after that. This is the first solo album from Bored Stiff member P.Way aka Professor Whaley. Featuring Big Dro, Agent Striknine, Equipto, Big Shawn, TD Camp, Spank Pops and more.

22 November 2012

Dj D - The Workers Union

I hope this album is already in your collection, if it isn't now if your chance to cop it. Released in 2000 The Workers Union is some of the only work I've been able to find from Dj D. 14 tracks deep featuring Genstar, Lady Blue, Aceyalone, Funky Trend, Awol One, DK Toon, Bukue One, Abstract Rude, Improvize, Nina Lorin, Virtue, and the Street Reportaz.

16 November 2012

Dj King One - King Radio

Another heater from one of my favorite Dj's. Released in 2003. King Radio is 90 minutes of hip hop featuring De La Soul, Atmosphere, Homeless Derelicts, Joe Dub, Pete Rock, Logic, Moka Only, and many more. Peep game

10 November 2012

Dj Marz - Rehab Clinic

Back with more hard to find Dj Marz heat. The Rehab Clinic is a collection of live tracks and drunk raps recorded at shows all over the west coast.

5 November 2012

Donut Productions - $19.95

I don't know a lot about this group, I've heard their tracks on a few mix tapes and that's it. I looked for their album on the strength of the track "Hooks" from the P-Minus and Kegs tape The Golden State. The album is a bit different than I had expected, it's a mix of hip hop and trip hop. I don't know if this album will ever find its way into my regular rotation, but when I'm looking for something a bit different this will do just fine.