22 November 2012

Dj D - The Workers Union

I hope this album is already in your collection, if it isn't now if your chance to cop it. Released in 2000 The Workers Union is some of the only work I've been able to find from Dj D. 14 tracks deep featuring Genstar, Lady Blue, Aceyalone, Funky Trend, Awol One, DK Toon, Bukue One, Abstract Rude, Improvize, Nina Lorin, Virtue, and the Street Reportaz.


  1. There is also the Highlife Movement that is produced by Dwayne Wilson aka DJ D aka DW and Fat Jack. I think that it is posted over at Beetbak: http://beetbak.blogspot.de/2010/03/estuary.html

    There is also an Instrumental album of Fat Jack and DW:

  2. I have both those albums, but I didn't realize that the Highlife Movement was produced by Dj D. Thanks for the info

  3. This file has been identified as a copyright protected work and cannot be distributed using MediaFire.

    Could you fix this possibly i would like to hear the album thanks

  4. re-up pls, the link is dead

  5. do you have track 11? it's missing in this file..

  6. Damn I didn't realize it was missing. I checked both rips I have and I don't have that track. I will have to try and find a complete rip and when I do I will post it here. Thanks for letting me know