16 November 2012

Dj King One - King Radio

Another heater from one of my favorite Dj's. Released in 2003. King Radio is 90 minutes of hip hop featuring De La Soul, Atmosphere, Homeless Derelicts, Joe Dub, Pete Rock, Logic, Moka Only, and many more. Peep game



Side One:
Tuning Intro
Moka Only - Feels Good Now
Jurassic 5 - Quality Control
AZ & Dj Premier - Love Me
Non-Prophets - All Word No Play
Scratch Break
Apathy & Rise - Smackdown
East Flatbush Projects - Tried By 12 King One Remix
Scratch Break
De La Soul - Oww King One Remix
Chop Shop - Simply Marvelous
Lone Catalysts & Showtime - Gotta Listen
Mission - Disturbing Behavior
A Tribe Called Quest - Mr. Incognito
Scratch Break
Irisoience - Friotion King One Remix
Logic - Drop
Common - 6th Sense
Scratch Break
Vakill & Juice - Out The Speaker
J-Live - Bragging Writes King One Remix
Chino XL & Kool G Rap - Let You Live
Styles Infinite - Fresh Air
Gangstarr - Doe In Advance
Jeru & Bounty Killer - Murden Dem King One Remix
Scratch Break
Rass Kass - Jack Frost
Idris Muhamad - Loran's Danoe?

Side Two:
Voices Of The Saxaphone
Dead Prez - Hip Hop King One Remix
Pete Rock & CL Smooth - Specialize
Atmosphere - Travel
A-TRack - We Like Breakbeats
Sir Menelik & Grand Puba - 7XL King One Remix
Tek 9 - We're Getting Down
A Tribe Called Quest - Rock Yah Body
Ugly Duckling - Did It Like This
Scratch Break
Homeless Dereliks - Cash King One Remix
Heddie Fubbard
Joe Dub - Soratoe
Yeshua & M-Boogie - Different Design
Organized - Somehow Someway
Mass Influence - To The Left
Dub Diablo - Disco Headrone
Scratch Break
Mr Complex/Beyond There - Visualized
Kombo - New Horizon
MHZ - Now!
Nas & Extra P - I Or I
King One = Outro Beats 1 & 2