31 December 2012

PBOFA - Bells And Moons

Instrumental album from Prince Bell Of Fresh Air aka Joe Dub. This album still finds its way into the regular rotation.

24 December 2012

Spex - Do For Self EP

The homie Spex comes through again, this time with 6 unreleased tracks from his archive. There isn't much information about these tracks, other than they were recorded about 10 years ago. Thanks to Spex for the hookup. Enjoy

19 December 2012

Insomniac - Seasons Beatings

The super homie Spex hooked up the loyal This Is For The Hustlers listeners with an early Christmas present courtesy of Insomiac. Enjoy this exclusive holiday season banger. Thank you to Spex and Insomniac for the hookup.

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13 December 2012

Luke Sick - Anansi Spider

More of that rare Luke Sick one time for your mind. This is a side project Luke worked on in a group called The Disturbers. I haven't heard this album in a long time, I got my dubbed copy in a trade back in the day and the person I got it from put the album on 2 separate tapes....which never made sense to me but I was just happy to get to hear it. I don't remember when I found a digital copy and I don't think I've listened to it yet. So if the quality sucks sorry, either way enjoy the music.

EDIT: Thanks to a comment on a post at Bring That Beat Back I remembered that this was originally posted by The Mayor over at Gurpcity

6 December 2012

Slant Eyes - 90 Min Tape

As mentioned in the amazing Slant Special posted on Record Science, here is the old 90 minute Slant tape filled with various tracks. I don't know anything about this tape, where it came from, how I got it or why some of the tracks don't work. The sound quality is alright, it could be better but when it comes to rare tape rips it could also be worse.

Thanks again to meeee for the amazing Slant Special post over at Record Science, which caused me to dig around and find this album and listen to it again.

I also don't know if the picture above is of Slant or just some random rappers, I just Googled "Onomatopoeia slant" and this picture came up of rappers so I thought I would use it.