6 December 2012

Slant Eyes - 90 Min Tape

As mentioned in the amazing Slant Special posted on Record Science, here is the old 90 minute Slant tape filled with various tracks. I don't know anything about this tape, where it came from, how I got it or why some of the tracks don't work. The sound quality is alright, it could be better but when it comes to rare tape rips it could also be worse.

Thanks again to meeee for the amazing Slant Special post over at Record Science, which caused me to dig around and find this album and listen to it again.

I also don't know if the picture above is of Slant or just some random rappers, I just Googled "Onomatopoeia slant" and this picture came up of rappers so I thought I would use it.


  1. Nice! I believe that is Slant on the mic in that photo - Taken at Rico's Loft in San Fran, if I'm not mistaken.

  2. thanks for digging this up and posting. yup that Slant Special was a great post too, like you said

  3. This 90 minute tape originated at UPenn in the mid 90s. Slant hosted an open mic there, similiar in vein to good life/blowed but with far less talent. I was digging slant back then, and we had a mutual friend, and that friend put this tape together for me. It's only on the Internet now because I made like 20 copies for various people, otherwise it would have never been distributed. I asked Slant a few years ago if he had better copies of these songs, but he didn't. He still makes beats now.

  4. Thanks for the info on this, it's much appreciated. I think I used to have a dub I got in a trade back in the day but then I stumbled upon the rip online and I think I lost track of my dub.

  5. must be slant, cause left to him is
    Puzoozoo Watt ;)