31 January 2013

Bored Stiff - 3 Song Ep

Gotta be real quick since we're moving right now. This 3 song EP came out in anticipation of the From The Ground Up album released in 2007. More of that BS feel

24 January 2013

Bomb Hip Hop Compilation Vol.1

Absolutely my favourite compilation of all time. I think I first heard of Bomb Hip Hop because of the Return Of The Dj Series, then as I dug a bit deeper I discovered this amazing compilation. This album single handily helped form my love for west coast under ground rap. If you haven't heard this album you need to check it out, if you've heard it in the past, pull it out and listen to it again.

18 January 2013

Aceyalone '94 Demo Tape

I don't know the origins of this tape, I've had it for a long time and I'm not sure where it came from. There isn't really anything super rare that hasn't since been released, this is just a collection of 8 early Acey tracks, some of which have been edited for radio......or possibly the ears of crusty old record executives.

11 January 2013

Joe Dub - We'll Always Have July

While we're on that Joe Dub kick, peep game on this limited edition EP released in 2006. We'll Always Have July was released in a limited run of 50 copies in support of Joe's tour through Western Canada. 7 tracks deep featuring Dj Marz, Alex 75, Jonah The Whale, Topic, S-Cap, KDT and more.

5 January 2013

Average Joe 2000 - Man Or Myth

Thanks to Shane Young for reminding me about this album, I always seem to forget about it. This is a rip from my OG tape, hopefully the sounds quality is good. Enjoy that young Joe Dub sound. Workforce is on a roll