25 February 2013

Vooodu - Dark Regions

More of that Western Hemisfear flavor, Two Deadly Sins and One Life To Live are underrated classics. Enjoy this since I can't think of anymore Western Hemisfear music to upload.

I've had this album on tape for a lone time and all the 12"s, but I think I first copped a digital copy from Appl96 last year, thanks for the hookup

19 February 2013

Meen Green - Smoking Section

The debut album from Meen Green, I should have probably posted this album first, but I was having a hard time finding my CD.I've always felt this album didn't get enough play, especially since it features some pretty big names: Pimp C, Jazze Pha, Aceyalone, Microphone Mike, and Mykill Miers to name a few. The last track on this album, titled The Last Song features a gang of heavyweights and the beat is one of the toughest out there. Enjoy

13 February 2013

High School Dropouts - Lungs Like A Rasta EP

One of the toughest and most slept on Ep's off all time comes courtesy of the High School Dropouts. HSD consists of Meen Green and Marc Da Murdurah and as far as I know Lungs Like A Rasta was their only release. Featuring a guest spot from Ganja K and production from Fat Jack, J Sumbi and The Nonce you know this EP is no joke and you should have it in your collection

8 February 2013

Meen Green - Government Issue

Meen Green, a long time member of the Western Hemisfear and First Brigade crews drops his second album, Government Issue. I'm not going to speak on this album too much as I haven't listened to it enough....in fact I only just realized I own it, having found it during my last move. First Brigade is in this bitch!!!