9 March 2013

Great Scott - San Francisco Giant

I saw this requested on another site, thought I would put it up. The 1997 solo release from Great Scott on the now defunct Ocean Floor Records label.


  1. Word! I was the dude the was looking for this over on that other site! Big G-Skot fan here. Also, finally found that Spank cd for sale over at Access Hip Hop and copped it quick! Saw these two cats at an Equipto show in Santa Cruz a few months back. Said they were working on a new album. Hope that ish drops soon! Hot Box Records!!

  2. Yo Jibbs, can you post any of these?

    Spex - Scene Selection
    Flow Cash Chapter - The 1628 Factor
    Guiding The Blind - Kegs One


  3. Someone laced me with the Spex album about 6 months ago so I will definitely post that. I know I have the Kegs album somewhere but I can't find it. It could still be packed from my move. I think I have the Flow Cash album but after a quick check I can't find it, so it could also still be packed. I will post what I can find

  4. G Scott and Spanks are my friends was kicking it with them last week, SpankPops new album The Populist is out now free d/l http://www.mediafire.com/?q8eq74n1ty1b28y and G Scott has an ep dropping next month. Hot Box!

  5. Thanks for hooking up the new Spank Pops album and the heads up on the new G Scott. Looking forward to both of em