14 April 2013

Mystik Journeymen - Children Ov Tha Night

It took me a long time to get my hands on this tape back in the day. Anytime I wanted to order from the Legends site it was out of stock. I was finally able to cop it at a show in Portland in 1998, also the same time I got my hands on Presses 4 Time. A group of us loaded up a Ford Probe and made the 8 hour drive to Portland for the show. We copped a hotel room a few blocks from the venue, hit up some of the local records shops and waited for the show. We had the pleasure of meeting The Cuf who were staying on our floor; and we made the rookie mistake of cooking Ramen noodles and hot dogs in the same pot of boiling water at the same time...you get resourceful when you're strapped for cash and time. 

This show was the first time I saw the Living Legends perform and it was also the only time I've seen Murs perform with the crew since the other shows I've seen since then have been in Canada and from what I understand Murs isn't a fan of Canadian Boarder security. 

The show was good, the Legends killed it, The Cuf were really dope and there was another crew who opened called The Toys In The Attic that were really dope. I copped their demo and I remember it being good, but I've since lost it and don't really know anything about the crew. If anyone has any info about this crew I'd appreciate it, I think they were from the North West area.

Back to the reason for this post, Children Ov Tha Night is one of my favorite Legends tapes and probably gets the most play to this day. This album was the first time I heard Krewcial rap and I've been a fan ever since...."Mystik Journeymen, in the place!!!"

**I just noticed that my track list is a bit screwed up, all the tracks are there, they're just out of order for some reason


  1. I really appreciate what you are doing. So much dope music here that I cant find anywhere else. Like this one.

    But I cant help myself from asking for a favor....do you also have Mystik Journeymen ‎– Walkman Invaders?
    It seems impossible to find!


  2. Thanks for the kind words. Yeah I think I have walkman invaders, I will post it if I do