25 June 2013

2 Year Anniversary Post - Sub Daze Hip Hop Show Archive

2 years ago I started posting rap on the Internet, it's been pretty fun and I've met lots of good people. This year I actually forgot about the anniversary of the site but thanks to a reminder I set in my phone I'm able to bring you this post on time.

Today I've got an incomplete collection of the SubDaze radio show hosted by Odnet & The Repo Man on 90.1 KZSU Stanford. I ripped these shows from the SubDaze YouTube channel sometime last year, unfortunately Vol. 1 side A and B have been blocked by YouTube because of copy write infringement so those are missing. If anyone has Vol 1 available or any other SubDaze or old Bay Area radio shows available I would love to get my hands on them and share them on the site. Thanks

18 June 2013

Megabusive - Farewell To Analog

More of that classic Megabusive music. 60 minutes of music over 15 tracks, featuring New Moon, Kegs One, Joe Dub, Subcontents, and Smash Adams.

12 June 2013

Koncepts Presents The Bomb Shelter

Originally posted on the Cocaine Blunts in 2009 by Jonny Paycheck, The Bomb Shelter is a collection of unreleased 4 track songs recorded between 1993 - 1995. Unfortunately the download link on Cocaine Blunts is dead so I thought I would post it up here. Be sure to check the Cocaine Blunts link for a comprehensive history of the artists involved in this compilation.

7 June 2013

Light Sleepers - Ana Loves Digi (Narcoleptic Symposium 1.5)

As requested, the second Light Sleepers compilation. Thanks to the good folks at Ghetto Tyylit for originally hooking this up.

2 June 2013

If Hooks Could Kill Radio Show June 1st 2013

I had the pleasure of guest hosting on If Hook Could Kill with the homies Jackson and Sonnie Grimezz yesterday. They invited me in and asked me to pick a bunch of west coast tracks from the late 80's to the mid 90's and kick it for an hour. 

If you have a chance check out If Hooks Could Kill every Saturday afternoon at 5pm Eastern Time, 2pm Pacific at CJSR.