25 June 2013

2 Year Anniversary Post - Sub Daze Hip Hop Show Archive

2 years ago I started posting rap on the Internet, it's been pretty fun and I've met lots of good people. This year I actually forgot about the anniversary of the site but thanks to a reminder I set in my phone I'm able to bring you this post on time.

Today I've got an incomplete collection of the SubDaze radio show hosted by Odnet & The Repo Man on 90.1 KZSU Stanford. I ripped these shows from the SubDaze YouTube channel sometime last year, unfortunately Vol. 1 side A and B have been blocked by YouTube because of copy write infringement so those are missing. If anyone has Vol 1 available or any other SubDaze or old Bay Area radio shows available I would love to get my hands on them and share them on the site. Thanks


  1. Thanks for posting these! I should have the Vol. 1 files somewhere. I'll upload the files when I get a chance. I also have a bunch of other shows on tape that I haven't ripped yet. Nice to know someone is interested in these. That motivates me to actually rip the rest of my stash!

    1. you ever upload that vol 1 ?

  2. Hey I'm glad you saw this post, any shows you could hook up would be incredible and I will make sure they posted on the site. Thanks

  3. SOoOoO awesome, sfc out here