21 July 2013

Dj Stef - Hip-Hop 94

When I first started checking for records online I discovered the classic and now defunct Vinyl Exchange run by Dj Stef. As I normally do, I spent most of my time lurking in the forums, reading threads and trying to gather knowledge. The Vinyl Exchange was one of the first websites I found myself checking multiple times a day, mainly because the articles were on point and the forum was full of good people sharing information...the old label scan thread introduced me to a lot of great rap records.

In early 2004 I reached out to Stef for a copy of her Hip-Hop 94 mixtape, shortly after my request and before the tape arrived I went on a 4 month trip to Europe. When I returned home I was tired of the music I had on the trip, I was excited to see a small bubble mailer had arrived with some new music. I think this tape spent the next 2 months on bump in my car, it was hard to take it out of the deck when it had so many good tracks and flowed together so seamlessly.

I ripped the tape just over a year ago, since then I've listened to it a few times I still enjoy it to this day. Thanks again to Stef for hooking this up.


Side 1:

Bucktown - Smif N Wessun
Raise It Up - Ultramagnetic MCs
Oh My God Remix - A Tribe Called Quest
Mostly The Voice - Gang Starr
Tears (Ignorant Tears Mix) - Da King & I
D. Original - Jeru The Damaja
Return Of The Boom Bap/Sound Of Da Police - KRS One
Hold Down The Fort - Mobb Deep
Devil's Son - Big L
The Shit Is Real (Dj Premier Remix - Fat Joe
Represent - Nas
Crooklyn - Crooklyn Dodgers

Side 2:

Swan Lake - Blackalicious
Dippin - King Tee
Listen Up - Erule
Drop Bombs - Organized Konfusion
Jungle Music - Jeru The Damaja
Ease My Mind (Premier's Remix) - Arrested Development
Warrior's Drum - King Just
Get Off My Log - Milk
Are You Ready - The Beatnuts
What A Niggy Know - KMD
Get It Together - Beastie Boys
Old To The New - Nice & Smooth
On Point - House Of Pain
Love Woman So. - Mad Lion


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