25 August 2013

Moodswing9 - Mix Session

One of the founding members of Anticon, here is a pretty solid mix from Moodswing9.

19 August 2013

Misfitz Ov Style - Black Death

More of that hella rare music coutesy of KaliYuga Pro. Released in 1998 this is the only official full length from Oakland's Misfitz Ov Style. Once again check out Jonny Paychecks post on Cocaine Blunts for everything you need to know about this album.

13 August 2013

Jumpa Cablz - New Jack CD

Many years ago my good friend Jumpa Cablz....the man responsible for the super tough banner on this site, asked the homie Maki and I if we would like to contribute a few tracks for his latest mixtape; we both agreed and started working on our respective sets. I knew going into this that I was going to be out shined by their skills and attention to detail, and the only chance I had to make up for it was to drop some Tim Dog. I had fun working on this and as usual Cablz did a great job tying our sets together. If I remember correctly, Jumpa Cablz did tracks 1-7, 14, 20-22, Maki did tracks 8-13, and I did tracks 15-19. Enjoy

6 August 2013

Drum Machine Music on 94.9 CHRW Aug 3rd 2013

Last Saturday night the homies FatMike and A.B Quality invaded the airwaves for 2 hours on 94.9 CHRW in London, Ontario...Canada. Besides dropping more shout outs in 2 hours than I have ever heard on any other radio show, they played some great music and dropped some crazy rare unreleased tracks. What do you know about unreleased 2Mex & Joe Dubs? What about an unreleased Nonce track from the Good Life era? What about unreleased music from Luke Sick, EVS, and the MC Aces? I don't even know if I should be talking about this let alone posting it. I asked Mike to put together a rough track list, he came through, but not all the tracks are listed.

1 August 2013

San Francisco Street Music - Rap Moguls

As requested on Record Science, some of that rare SFSM music. These twenty-two tracks were hand selected by P-minus of ATAK. They are among his favorite, never before heard songs by San Francisco Street Music. They were collected from dirty four track dubs made for him by members of the group through the years. This is music made to bump in your Walkman.