6 August 2013

Drum Machine Music on 94.9 CHRW Aug 3rd 2013

Last Saturday night the homies FatMike and A.B Quality invaded the airwaves for 2 hours on 94.9 CHRW in London, Ontario...Canada. Besides dropping more shout outs in 2 hours than I have ever heard on any other radio show, they played some great music and dropped some crazy rare unreleased tracks. What do you know about unreleased 2Mex & Joe Dubs? What about an unreleased Nonce track from the Good Life era? What about unreleased music from Luke Sick, EVS, and the MC Aces? I don't even know if I should be talking about this let alone posting it. I asked Mike to put together a rough track list, he came through, but not all the tracks are listed.

Hot Sugar feat. Kool AD - Leverage
Ceschi, Baracuda & Fish - Work Song
Factor feat. Nomad - Alive Tomorrow
Verbs - H20 Shit
Fatmike feat. 2mex & Joe Dub - Retried (Unreleased)
Jel - La Resolve
Volume Ten & Kenny Segal - Uncles Children
Abstract Rude - Lately 
The Nonce - Game (Unreleased)
Fatmike - Luke Sick Remix (Unreleased)
No track list for this section
Namo - Harmonic Astral Projections
Run The Jewels - Sea Legs 
Megabusive - They Want It To Go
Jon Wayne - Numbers on the Hoard
Fatmike feat. EVS - Tape Delay Demo Version (Unreleased)
Ceschi - Love Song for the Apocalypse
Open Mike Eagle - Passwords
Fatmike - Four Track Marks (Unreleased)
MF Doom - ????
Bambu - Incredible Cred
MC Aces - The MC Aces (Unreleased)
Roughneck Jihad - Italian Sonata
Miguel Baptista Benedict - Phemy
Egadz - Ghost
ATF - ???
Paul White - Lolita
Serengeti - Directions