25 September 2013

Pete - Money Isn't Everything...But It Helps

Pete from The Cuf hits us off with a pretty solid album, I've always enjoyed this one.

19 September 2013

Good4Nuthin - Nothing 2 Lose

Good4Nuthin is N8 The Gr8 & Pete from the Legendary Sacramento crew The Cuf. This is probably one of my favorite releases from members of The Cuf, N8 The Gr8 got beats for days. Sleeping? Don't do it.

14 September 2013

Slumplordz - Sunnmoonsekt

That hard hitting Slumplordz sound, peep game.

7 September 2013

Curt Sak - Go For Broke

A repost from the GhettoTyylit archives, thanks to KaliYuga Pro for the original hookup back in 2011.

"Debut(?) album by Curt Sak (of ScoJourners) from San Francisco. Features Big Shawn, Equipto, Estairy, Mr.J, Skitz, J-Duce, and Mr.Taber. Beats by Big Shawn, Mr.Taber and Skitz."

1 September 2013

Orko Tha Sycotik Alien - Self Titled

I definitely should have posted this sooner, but this is my favorite album from Global Phlowtation Artist Community and Masters of the Universe member Orko Tha Sycotik Alien. This is some of Orko's earlier work, but he's still killing it with his new music. You should already have this in your collection, if not, here is your chance to grab it.