15 November 2013

Kemetic Suns - Return Of The B-Boy VHS

If there is one thing I don't post enough of it's Kemetic Suns material. This video features Kirby Dominant selling tapes on Telegraph Ave, Kirby freestyling at Eclipse 427's house, Planet Asia and Kirby freestyling at Fanatik's house, some staged show footage of the Kemetic Suns, Konceptual Dominance, and Planet Asia performing, and finally the best part of the movie an interview with Mike Dream which took place a few months before he passed away.

Please excuse the video quality, it was ripped from VHS and I'm still fine tuning my ripping settings.


  1. thanks!! please rip more VHS tapes if possible to preserve the hip hop culture...it's impossible to find em nowadays. Much respect!