30 December 2013

Isolated Wax - Underbomber Classics

This is one of my favorite releases on Isolated Wax, featuring Dave Dub, Tape Master Steph, Persevere, Zest The Smoker, Dj Roe, and more.

23 December 2013

Esoin - Esoterix

Another request from the Ghetto Tyylit archives.

17 December 2013

New Moon - Jargon

As requested, New Moon - Jargon. This is a repost taken from one of the dopest blogs in the game, Ghetto Tyylit.

13 December 2013

Mzr Axeom - The State Of An Art

The rare 6 track EP from Mzr Axeom. This is a re-up of the file that was originally posted on Ghetto Tyylit.

7 December 2013

Eydle Mode - Fogville

I don't know much about this bay area crew made up of members J Def and Rymeskeme. To my knowledge this is the only full length album they released, however they did have a track on the original Bomb Hip Hop Compilation and Rymeskeme was featured on the first Bomb Hip Hop Flexi Disc. I'm not sure if either member is still making music, but based on this album I really hope they are.

Thanks to Justin Torres for the Bomb Hip Hop Magazine scan posted above.

1 December 2013

Below The Surface Presents - The Show 2 VHS Rip

Below The Surface Presents The Show Vol. 2 VHS, filmed live at the Justice League in San Francisco on February 3rd, 2002. Featuring CVE, Disflex6, Jedi Knight Circle, HipHop Kclan, Spex, Abnormal, Dj Werd, and Dj King One.