1 December 2013

Below The Surface Presents - The Show 2 VHS Rip

Below The Surface Presents The Show Vol. 2 VHS, filmed live at the Justice League in San Francisco on February 3rd, 2002. Featuring CVE, Disflex6, Jedi Knight Circle, HipHop Kclan, Spex, Abnormal, Dj Werd, and Dj King One. 
My VHS rips are getting better, and it helps when you have the original tape. I don't have The Show vol. 1, but I would love to get my hands on it, whether it's a rip or the original VHS so I can share it on the site.


  1. I tried to DL but says its broken?

    1. I've been able to download it on 2 different computers using chrome and firefox. It could be that my hosting company was having a problem when you originally tried. Don't forget to try right clicking the link and "saving as" or "save link as"