27 January 2014

Big Shawn - The Legion Of Honor

The Legion Of Honor from Bored Stiff member Big Shawn. This album is 20 tracks deep featuring a gang of fools. Peep game

21 January 2014

Asop - Tha Supahuman

The debut album from Living Legends member Asop The Black Wolf. This album is some of Asop's best work, and still gets regular rotation.

15 January 2014

Mystik Journemen - Stop, Look & Listen Vol 1 VHS Rip

Straight jacked from the liner notes: "Stop, Look & Listen is a journey into an explosion of sight, sound and superb storytelling as brilliantly conceived by underground hip hop innovators, The Mystik Journeymen (BFAP & PSC). Featuring mind-blowing videos from this ground-breaking duo's successful career, this collection showcases the Living Legends crew including Grouch, Eligh, Murs and Arata and also includes rare additional footage from early Broke Ass Summer Jam shows, escapades in West Japan, a live television performance in Sydney, Australia as well as a short film directed and writted by BFAP entitled "Resin". This hour long feature hosted by Sunspot is witness to the history of hip hop's most prolific, influential and independent artists. If you love hip hop...Stop, Look & Listen."

10 January 2014

Del Tha Funkee Homosapien - The Lost Demos

7 song demo released by HipHopSite as part of the Future Development 2xLP release in 2007. These tracks were recorded by Del and produced by Sir Jinx back in the late 80's

4 January 2014

Emanon - Unreleased (Ghetto Tyylit Version)

As requested the Unreleased Emanon tape posted on Ghetto Tyylit way back in November 2011. Check out what Kaliyuga had to say about it:

"I think I got this tape from Aloe in '99 or early 2000's, this is a compilation of some random unreleased songs by Emanon (also featuring Takbir of Styles Of Beyond). There are no song titles on the cassette, but I've named the mp3 tracks myself (for reference). There are a few songs on this tape that I still haven't heard anywhere else, but some of the other songs appeared on another unreleased Emanon tape which was floating around Soulseek entitled "emanon - unreleased lp [2002]". Our homie at This Is For The Hustlers will post that one, make sure to check it out."

You can find the tape I posted here