29 March 2014

Chillin Villain Empire - Declasified

My favorite and one of the toughest releases to come out of the CV camp. Featuring a gang of fools rapping over CV beats; I expect this to be the least download album on the site because it should already be in your collection.

23 March 2014

3 Melancholy Gypsys - Live In Tokyo VHS

The hard to find VHS version of 3MG's Live In Tokyo album. This was recorded at the Liquid Room on Feb 2nd 2000. Shouts out to MC Shrimp

18 March 2014

Kegs One - Knock Twice

Released in 2003 Knock Twice was the first album completely produced by Kegs One. Featuring a who's who of west coast underground MC's including: Randy, Eyecue, The Cuf, Old Joseph, Insomniac, Sach, Maleko, Spex, Aloe Blacc, Optimus Rhymes, and more. I was visiting the bay area during the recording of this album and I had the pleasure of being in the studio for the Sach and Aloe Blacc tracks, it was interesting to see how each artist worked and their approach to making music. Self Jupiter also stopped by but he didn't have time to kick a verse....that would have been amazing to see.

13 March 2014

Gypsy Cab - Mine Travel

Re posting the request I made over at Ghettotyylit a few years ago. This is some early Daysmen Empire stuff from 1997 when they were known as Gypsy Cab.

7 March 2014

Occidents - Audio Pleasure

I don't post a lot of Canadian rap but I'm going to make an exception for this album because I have never seen it anywhere else, and I completely forgot I owned it. From Vancouver, Occidents were MC's Rumble and Prototype with RenRok handling production and Dj Shortfuse on the cuts. 

Despite popular belief I didn't buy this album based on the cover art, I picked it up on the strength of Dj Shortfuse being involved, and if you're ever had the chance to see him live you would understand, dude is a maniac on the cuts and knows how to rock a party. As for the album, well it's good, and there are a few tracks that stand out most notably the track "Occidents". I don't think the crew did anything else after this, although I could be mistaken and might have missed it because it didn't have such graphic cover art.

Shouts out to Shortfuse for hooking me up with Dereliks and Bored Stiff records I was missing back in the day, and also for doing it at a more than reasonable price. Those 2 records will stay in the collection for a long long time.